About Us

We Help Find Your Properties

FineBricks Properties and Investment Limited is a pioneer real estate firm that specializes in residential, commercial, industrial, and special use categories of the real estate sector. We have a genuine burden to reducing the housing deficit in Nigeria by targeting specific market segments and providing value-for-money engagements to all and sundry.

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Vision Statement

Our aim is to be a leading real estate company providing the highest level of customer service to our clients whilst achieving premium results and maintaining upmarket branding- all at an affordable price


Our Mission Statement

Create an out-of-the-ordinary buying, selling, and managing experience that exceeds the expectations of our clients.

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At FineBricks Properties & Investment Ltd, we rely on our professionals who ensure professionalism is ensued in all our performance. From our customer services personnel, Engineers etc. All to ensure delivery of premium user experience to all our clients.


We do not mince words because of word is our bond. When we set date for completion of project, we ensure every factor to ensure actualization is set in motion. This is because our experience over the years helps us speculate and analyse situation so as to ensure our proposition is well thoughtful

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Over the years we have garnered experience as well as engage in different real estate businesses with clients, partners, clients, landowners, homeowners etc. We are trusted for our quality of service, building prowess and knowing the needs of our esteemed customers and going to any length to ensure we give them luxury that suites their taste


We maintain excellence in everything we do. Excellence is our benchmark and we do not go any less. Right from our artistic rendition, choice of location, skilled and unskilled labour, customer service team, legal team etc. we ensure we give our all to achieve excellence performance.


At the root of our commitment is a sense of responsibility. This is made possible by our team of qualified employees, dedicated board, and reliable vendors. Reliance on internal systems, structures, processes, checks and balances helps in achieving our avowed commitment to responsibility.